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Helpful Advice For Repairing Your Water Slide

Portable and inflatable water slides have become a hot commodity for a way to cool off on a hot summer day. If you water slide has succumb to the wear and tear, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several recognizable brands out and some seem to sell better than others. Regrettably, the top selling brands can be the most unreliable at times.

Some repairs to your inflatable water slide can be easily fixed, but some are just beyond repair. I will cover the four areas that common complications for the inflatables, plus how you can fix them and help save the day for your children.

Mold can be one of the major problems when you children start asking for the water slide to come out storage. You may find mold to look unpleasant, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Start looking for a cleaner that is safe to use on any polyester canvas like material. You can help prevent mold from returning by cleaning your inflatable each year before storing it.
Short Course on Repairs – What You Should Know

A tear of puncture is going to happen to your inflatable water slide regardless of how careful you are. It may not be apparent until you inflate the slide and see that the slide hasn’t inflated fully or is not inflating at all. If you see this happening, start to look immediately for the tear or puncture.
Case Study: My Experience With Repairs

If you can’t get the slide to inflate at all, then you may not be searching for very long. If the water slide is still able to inflate and hold some air, then you may be looking a little longer. Here is a little trick I’ve learned, inflate the water slide, then spray a mixture of soap and water on the slide. If you there is air leaking out, this should cause the soap and water mixture to bubble up where the air is leaking from. Be sure to check the whole inflatable water slide for more leak, don’t stop after the finding the first one.

To start repairing the problem area, start with sewing the hole to prevent any further tearing. Next, you will need to some kind of adhesive or glue and a durable patch. You can find canvas repair kits almost anywhere that has outdoor or camping equipment.

Simply follow the directions in the kit and make sure you able to cover the entire tear, not just a portion of it. If you patch doesn’t cover the entire tear, then you can use two and overlap them.

If your inflatable slide is starting to tear at the seams, then you may have a bigger problem then you realize. You will again start by sewing up the problem area and applying a patch that is large enough to cover, now cross your fingers.

There are hundreds of options out there for you to explorer before making you next choice of which slide will suit your family the most, but I hope these tips can help you easily repair when it comes that time to restore the fun in your summer days.